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Heart Sutra by Chloe Goodchild

My name is Franck and may be i can help you in different ways :
i'm a healer and therapist and i can help you with universal energy, to reharmonize the body, to help you by speaking about all the blockages from the past.
After different events in life, we have to take care to ourselves and uncover the bad memories, soul injuries, that we still have in our Aura.
We need to become aware of the injuries and negative memories in order for our conscious to be cleansed. Then it will be easier to move forward.

I'm a soul guide, channel and medium.
After death, souls should go to the light but sometimes (as the film "Ghost" ), they can be blocked for a lot of reasons. It's one of my missions to help them to go to the light for peace.
Sometimes they have a message to give to family members before going back to the light.

I'm a geobiologist as well, and i can help you to understand the causes of the problems you might have where you live. Sometimes we can feel we are not alone and it is just because souls are in a house and need help to go to the light, sometimes some bad memories from previous owners can have negative influence on the atmosphere in the property.
After purifying a house, the atmosphere feels lighter and people living there feel better
Don't hesitate to call me if you feel i can help you .... 

To contact me by phone : 06 37 62 13 02

jesus et marie madeleine eglise de Kilmo

Om Tara by Chloe Goodchild

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